Tai Chi Vermont is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation dedicated to providing safe and effective tai chi instructor training throughout the state.

Our nine directors work collaboratively to set training standards, run instructor certification workshops, periodic “skillbuilder” gatherings, and special tai chi events. We also provide information about training and tai chi benefits to Area Agencies on Aging, SASH, and other public entities and individuals, and encourage set-up of tai chi classes in all parts of Vermont.

Authorized Trainers
Our Authorized Trainers--MARTY KIDDER, ELLIE HAYES, LAURIE KNAUER, SUZANNE LEMIRE, AND ANNE BOWER (each of whom has depth of experience in tai chi experience) lead instructor certification workshops around the state. They are aided by experienced instructors we call “Facilitators.” 

Medical Evidence about Tai Chi's Effectiveness
Clinical studies support the efficacy of what we teach. Our entry level tai chi form is “Introduction to Sun Style Tai Chi”--we often call it Fall Prevention Tai Chi because it has proven results in that area. It is based on “Tai Chi for Arthritis,” an evidence-based program, as verified by the National Council on Aging. Many studies have shown that exercise to reduce falls should be done, ideally, twice a week and that the style of tai chi is less important than the total amount of time the exercise is undertaken. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that a tai chi class be designed for the needs of older adults and practiced at least fifty hours to have lasting effects on falls reduction. Additional studies have shown tai chi's effectiveness for a variety of conditions from arthritis to depression, osteoporosis to anxiety, and more.

Teaching Certification we Offer
Tai Chi Vermont therefore trains instructors to teach additional tai chi classes beyond our Fall Prevention Tai Chi (sometimes known as “Introduction to Sun Style”). A number of instructors now offer the full  Sun 73 Forms style of tai chi. And starting in Fall of 2018 Yang 24 Forms will be added by some instructors as well. 

Certification Process
For each new cohort of instructors, our training program begins with a two-day workshop on Fall Prevention Tai Chi—Level One. We focus on safe, effective teaching methods and basic principles. A one-day workshop follows, two to three months later, at which we continue to work on safe and effective teaching and add the Level Two (advanced) movements of this form. Approximately 6 months to a year later we offer this cohort of new instructors the opportunity to add Level Three (additional movements) and fine tune their teaching at another two-day workshop (recertification workshop). Each training is good for two years and includes access to free one-day “skillbuilder” workshops (on a variety of topics). Certified instructors are notified of all trainings and encouraged to grow their professional skills and the range of tai chi classes they can teach.

Need more information?  
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World Tai Chi & Qigong Day, Winooski, April 27, 2017
Our Board of Directors
Anne Bower, President

Chris Curtis, Treasurer

Diane DesBois

Ellie Hayes, Vice-President, Liaison with Central Vermont Agency on Aging and Northeast Kingdom Council on Aging

Martin Kidder, Director of Teaching Standards and Certification

Laurie Knauer, Liaison with Southwestern Vermont Council on Aging and Senior Solutions

Suzanne Lemire, Liaison with SASH throughout Vermont

Lee Sheridan-Orr

Mary West, Chairperson of the Board and Development

Elizabeth Wirls, Liaison with Age Well