Certification Workshops

Level 2 Certification
Monday, April 8, Aldrich Library, Barre
led by Anne Bower & Elizabeth Wirls

Level 1 Certification
Sat. & Sun., May 4 & 5, Brattleboro Memorial Hospital, led by Anne Bower & Elizabeth Wirls


Longevity Tree Qigong Learning Workshop,
Mon. May 27-Fri. May 31, led by Marty Kidder. Planning is "in the works"--let Anne know if you are interested. Certification workshop will be held summer 2020.

Training for Authorized Trainers & Prospective AT's, Sat. & Sun., July 13 & 14, led by Marty Kidder.

Level 2 Certification,
Tues., Aug. 20, Brattleboro Memorial Hospital,
led by Anne Bower, Elizabeth Wirls.

Level 3 Certification & Recertification,
Mon. & Tues., Sept. 9 & 10, Capital City Grange, led by Anne Bower and others.

Level 1 Certification,
Mon. & Tues., Oct. 28 & 29, central Vermont location and authorized trainers to be announced
Level 3 Certification & Recertification,
January 2020, location and date to be announced

Learning Practice--Montpelier
Once a month Saturday Yang 24 and                   Sun 73 practices ​
at Montpelier Senior Activity Center are back!
​THIRD Saturday of each month, weather permitting. 
Yang practice 10-10:50;
Sun practice 11-11:50.
Led by Anne Bower & Ellie Hayes.

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level 2
Reg. Form: Doc
level 2
Reg. Form: PDF
level 1
Reg. Form: Doc
level 1
Qigong Wkshop
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