Do you need DVDS?

Place your order by emailing Adine Pantich at [email protected] with your order and address. Adine will let you know the cost including postage and handling.  Be sure to make your checks out to Tai Chi Vermont.

Fall Prevention Tai Chi--Basic + Advanced Movements (DVD is titled TCA)                                                                                                     $23       
Fall Prevention Tai Chi--Additional Movements (DVD is titled TCA II)                            $20
Sun 73 Forms                                       $29

Yang 24 Forms                                     $26     

Seated Tai Chi                                      $20
Warm Up-Cool Down Wall Chart      $  7

Level One + Two Movements chart  $ 7

Book: Teaching Tai Chi Effectively    $18 

Due to increased pricing from our source, we have had to raise prices $1 per item as of March 2019.