Certification Workshops, Skillbuilders, Special Events

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November Skillbuilders with a focus on Mindfulness. Roz Grossman teaches mindfulness meditation through her business, Mindful Stress Relief, and she is certified in the world-renowned Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program.

At each November Skillbuilder Roz will provide a 90-minute session on mindfulness. The rest of our time will be devoted to group and individualized practice of our tai chi forms.    

Tuesday November 7th: Rutland, Anne Bower and Laurie Knauer will lead workshop, Roz Grossman's section runs from 1-2:30. To register, email Laurie at homested@shoreham.net and she'll send you details about the location.

Friday November 10th: Aldrich Library,Barre, Ellie Hayes and Elizabeth Wirls will lead workshop, Roz's section runs from 10:30-12:00. To register, email Ellie at ehayes@cvcoa.org and she'll send you details about the location.

Friday November 17th: Thayer House, Burlington, Anne Bower and Suzanne Lemire will lead workshop, Roz's section runs from 1-2:30. To register, email Suzanne at lemire@cathedralsquare.org. 

Friday, January 12, 2018, Advanced Moves Certification Workshop, Montpelier. Led by Ellie Hayes and others. Primary sponsor=Age Well.
Registration form will be available here in late October.

Sun 73 and Yang 24 Forms Classes in Montpelier once a Month

A number of our instructors are now certified to teach Sun 73 and love this opportunity. 

We have not yet certified folks to teach Yang 24 but plan to hold a certification workshop in this form during summer 2018.

Meanwhile, Ellie Hayes and Anne Bower lead practice sessions in both these forms one Saturday per month at the Montpelier Senior Activity Center, 58 Barre St. with Yang style our focus from 10-10:50 and Sun style the focus from 11-11:50. Payment is by contribution (we compensate the Activity Center for use of the large room).

Oct. 21
Nov. 18
Dec. 9
And in 2018 the second Saturday of each month.

Place your order by emailing Adine Pantich at arp423@gmail.com with your order and address. Adine will let you know the cost including postage and handling.  Be sure to make your checks out to Tai Chi Vermont.

Fall Prevention Tai Chi--Basic + Advanced Movements (DVD is titled TCA)         $22        
Fall Prevention Tai Chi--Additional Movements (DVD is titled TCA II)     $19
Sun 73 Forms                                           $28 

Yang 24 Forms                                        $25     
Seated Tai Chi                                        $19     
Warm Up-Cool Down Wall Chart      $  6   
Book: Teaching Tai Chi Effectively   $17           

              The Arts & Tai Chi

Tai Chi instructors find their practice often spills over into creative efforts. For example, Authorized Trainers Marty Kidder designs medals and buttons, AT Ellie Hayes does calligraphy, and AT Anne Bower writes poems.

You can order a copy of Anne's latest poetry chapbook, The Space Between Us, which will be published Feb. 9th. Place a "pre-order" now and get free shipping, plus, if you let Anne know your order's been placed, she'll send you, at no cost, a copy of her first chapbook, Poems for Tai Chi Players.

To order The Space Between Us, click here.     Or email Anne to make a different arrangement: anniebower@yahoo.com
When using the handouts provided below, PLEASE ink out the Arthritis Foundation info. The Arthritis Fdtn. no longer funds tai chi programs but is now devoted to research funding.
Handout for Basic Movements
Handout for Advanced movements
Handout for warm-ups/cool-downs
Tai Chi Principles/Ying-Yang Symbol
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