i           Certified Instructors learning Sun 73 Forms--Charlotte VT 2015


To become a CERTIFIED INSTRUCTOR you attend Instructor Certification Workshops led by some of our Authorized Trainers: Anne Bower, Ellie Hayes, Marty Kidder, Laurie Knauer, Suzanne Lemire, and Elizabeth Wirls. Experienced instructors are sometimes invited to assist as facilitators.

Our Fall Prevention Tai Chi Instructor Certification begins with a two-day workshop on the basic movements and teaching method.
New instructors are expected to then teach one or more classes and will learn a great deal from this teaching process.

Two-three months later we offer a one-day workshop on the form's advanced movements, and again expect folks to teach, as well as attend one or more of our skillbuilder workshops.

Within a year of that we provide a workshop on the additional movements (and recertication for those needing it at that time).

To become an AUTHORIZED TRAINER, an Instructor needs to have at least two years of experience teaching our Fall Prevention Tai Chi (also known as Sun Style Tai Chi, levels 1, 2, 3), become proficient in the Sun Style Long form (Sun 73), and have experience as a "Facilitator" at a few workshops. At this point, the instructor will be invited to help LEAD one or two certification workshops and, if all goes well, will be promoted to the level of Authorized Trainer.  

AUTHORIZED TRAINER certifications remain steady as long as the trainer leads at least one workshop and one skillbuilder per year and remains active in planning and organizing activities.

Our Instructor certifications last for two years. During that term instructors have access to 3-4 free "skillbuilder workshops" each year. These cover various topics relevant to teaching and practicing Tai Chi. For the current list of Tai Chi workshops, click here. ​​